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About the project

12 Jun 2018

About the project

We are a University that we want a design proposal that tells the story of what an employee lives from his first contact with us until his whole life.

Today, we have considered these 11 steps, you can take them as a reference or add or remove according to your criteria:
We are a University looking for a design that tells the story of what an employee lives with us since his or her first contact and for the rest of their lives.

Help us design the graphic-visual process of the experience that our employee live / help design the graphic visual process of our employee's experience


The Progressive

It’s funny. I was having a conversation with one of my best friends not too long ago—a friend who was definitely around me all the time when I was launching this first product—and they had absolutely, 100%, no idea that my email list had only 71 people on it when I first released this course. And then, they told me it actually inspired them a ton.

That meant so much to me. And also made me realize that the few Periscope broadcasts I’ve shared this in before are not enough to really help and (hopefully) inspire others. I knew I had to make a case study out of it.