Källa Glassgård

Källa Glassgård

About the project

15 Jan 2021
Källa Glassgård

About the project

In Sweden, we own one of the biggest ice cream parlors with more than 25.000 visitors in just over 7 weeks, which is our season for "summer" in Sweden.

[Our environment]
Our ice cream parlor is operated in buldings and on land dating back to the 1750´s. We try and keep our environment for the customer somewhat vintage.

[About this competition]
We want our website updated. Our main marketing strategy is showing new customers what our ice cream parlor is about. Which is HUGE ice creams sundaes in diffrent shapes, forms and different themes. With this project we have uploaded a BUNCH of pictures from our ice cream parlor. We're not saying you are to use all these pictures, just use the ones that makes our ice cream parlor look the most attractive to new customers.

Why do people visit us?

1. Amazing ice creams
2. Fantastic vintage environment with buildings dating back to 1750´s
3. Playground for kids

ALL our subpages etc should be designed too. Make sure to use the text that we already have.
MAKE sure you translate into your own language first, so you get a good understanding about the details when you create the design.


Create a new design for our website www.kallaglassgard.se and also upload the new design to our domain.

Focus on creating a website that shows how much fun our guests has at our place, making the design feel vintage and happy.

The Progressive

It’s funny. I was having a conversation with one of my best friends not too long ago—a friend who was definitely around me all the time when I was launching this first product—and they had absolutely, 100%, no idea that my email list had only 71 people on it when I first released this course. And then, they told me it actually inspired them a ton.

That meant so much to me. And also made me realize that the few Periscope broadcasts I’ve shared this in before are not enough to really help and (hopefully) inspire others. I knew I had to make a case study out of it.